I have not been posting here for a while and I am sorry about this. I have been quite busy lately with a paper submission and also the writing of my PhD thesis ! Anyway, I wish everybody an happy new year :-)
There is a couple of links I stacked lately and I would like to share, so here they are !

  • NVIDIA Announced Project Denver : A fully integrated CPU+GPU chip dedicated to high-performance computing and based on ARM cores. It is designed to power future products ranging from personal computers to servers and supercomputers. It looks like NVIDIA's answer to AMD Fusion and is also clearly a "we don't believe in the future of x86 architectures" launched to the industry. I really believe this is the right approach  to bring high performance CPUs to all market segments. Thanks to the rise of mobile and tablet like devices, we may finally see the end of the hegemony of the x86 architecture. I really hope that it will not be the last dinosaur from NVIDIA ;-)
  • gDebugger is now free !
  • “Principles of Digital Image Synthesis” book is now free for download. And a nicely formated PDF can be found here.
  • Data-Oriented Design - Links and Thoughts : The concept of Data-Oriented Design (DOD) as opposed to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a concept that is emerging and gaining popularity among the game developers community lately. The idea is that instead of building performance sensitive parts of applications around classes that represent individual objects with ineficient -non-cache coherent- memory access patterns, it is more efficient to build them by thinking in terms of data flows and memory access patterns. That's a concept that may not be unfamiliar to GPU developers :-D
  • Overtime vs Productivity : Two very interesting blog posts by Allan Mckay that discuss on how people work, why we often get burned out and how to avoid this.
  • A lot of very interesting technical documentations about NVIDIA GPUs and coming from reverse engineering of various hardware can be found on pscnv Git repository. Pscnv is a fork of the nouveau project, an open source driver for NVIDIA GPUs.