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I started to compile links to websites where free 3D models can be found. If you know other good websites, feal free to post them in the comments :-)

Static models and scenes:

Animated models and scenes:

    Interactive Indirect Illumination and Ambient Occlusion Using Voxel Cone Tracing

    I am happy to present you a new approach to compute indirect illumination and ambient occlusion in real-time using a pre-filtered geometry representation stored inside a sparse voxel octree, as well as a new approximate voxel-based cone-tracing. The sparse voxel octree is used as a proxy for occlusion information and indirect illumination, it supports dynamic objects and environments thanks to a new very fast voxelization algorithm that updates the octree structure and pre-filter geometry and lighting information.

    This work has been done in collaboration with Miguel Sainz and Simon Green from  NVIDIA, as well as Fabrice Neyret from CNRS and Elmar Eisemann from ParisTech.

    The paper ha been published at Pacific Graphic. You can find the authors version of it on my research page:

    I also presented this work as a talk at Siggraph 2011 in Vancouver as well as a poster at I3D 2011.

    [Update 30/06/2011]: Benoit Rogez wrote a very good article about our approach on 3DVF (in French) : here
    [Update 10/06/2012]: More details on the algorithm and the fast voxelization and octree construction can be found in my GTC 2012 presentation.

    Indirect lighting (global illumination):
    High quality video:

    Ambient occlusion:
    High quality video:

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