NVIDIA Siggraph 2010 presentations available in streaming there.

Siggraph 2010 Khronos OpenGL BOF and OpenCL BOF slides available.

Reference pages for OpenGL 3.3 and OpenGL 4.1 are online on opengl.org !
  • I already said it, but I love the way OpenGL has been evolving since OpenGL 3.0 ! It really seems to be a real willpower from the vendors to make it again a first class innovative API :-)

OptiX 2.0, and Cg Toolkit 3.0 released by NVIDIA
  • SM 5 support in Cg at last ! 
  • I tried OptiX (previoulsy NVIRT) recently and I was really impressed, especially by the easiness of usage of the "high level" optixu interface. That's really an awesome tool.